Friday, June 18, 2010

d.j. Mathieu Beauséjour + Léonard et le Renard t-shirt at the Reigning Sound show in Montréal 17th June '10

d.j. Mathieu Beauséjour: Les éboueurs du rock ( (every monday night 8-9pm) and d.j. Gargamel wearing his own Léonard et le Renard on CHUO 89.1fm ( radio show t-shirt (Which air every tuesday nigth 8-9pm)

Les Éboueurs Du Rock c’est une émission de punk, garage, frat rock, freakbeat, krautrock, new wave, no wave, post-punk, noise, psychedelique, power pop, soul etc…. Nous vous ferons vivre un voyage dans le temps pour vous faire connaître les origines et les racines de ces genres musicaux.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Léonard et le Renard CHUO 89.1 fm 2010 Founding Drive Premium t-shirt :

CHUO’s *2010 Funding Drive* is coming and we need your help! It’s
happening Friday, April 9^th to Sunday, April 25^th and the goal is
*$40,000.00!* CHUO’s Funding Drive is vital in keeping our
multicultural, fiercely independent and diverse radio station alive.

This year will be my first Founding Drive for my radio show
(Léonard et le Renard), where I play a wild bunch of 100% Raw & Rare Soul-Funk-Freak Beats-Roots-Psychedelic =FRANCOPHONE= recordings from Québec in the mid '60's and all the way to France, every monday nights from 8pm - 9pm.

from Friday, April 9^th to Sunday, April 25^th,
you'll be able to get my premium, which is a t-shirt
(size small or medium) printed on white soft cotton t-shirts,
for a generous pledge of 40$.


Monday, February 15, 2010

"This Is Ottawa" - Dominion Tavern (TrUdE 001)

TrUdE's "This Is Ottawa" Series.
-Dominion Tavern 001

TrUdE's "This Is Ottawa"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Leonard et le Renard : CHUO 89 fm New Radio Show

Léonard et le Renard : New radio show on CHUO 89fm (listen live on
(in the weeks to come) W/ your host, dj P'tit-Brin, we'll be live from the graveyard where thee bests (and the worst) French 60's Freak-Beat-Folk-experimental songs will rise up from 6 feet underneath the earth's crust, once a week for a 1 hour french-tacular time!
Leonard et le Renard : radio show