Thursday, March 27, 2008

Play the Geek-O-Meeter yourself next week!!!

Here's a screen shot of the Geek-O-Meeter, that is an online quizz
(to promote the Digital Marketing Awards in Toronto, fall 08)

At the end of the quizz, they ask you to take a picture of your face to match the blank template that in the quizz with the webcam.
Then, judging on how much you've scored,
your face get implemented into one of
18 different backgrounds / bodies / hair.

I score as a 2nd level of a 8-Bit-Geek. the worst you can score is a
wannabee-geek and the highest is a Über-Geek!

Online next week. Will post the link, for you to try it yourself. Post your photos, so I can see that people are enjoying my work!

I've done 80% of the photoshop work, assebling all the layouts and the reshearch to get that exact feels for all the levels, and boys /girls...Hooray for Flickr!!!

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