Thursday, January 29, 2009

TrÜdE : Teenbeat Takeover! Paul Collins Beat :

Here's a poster that I've created last evening for a show in Montreal:

Paul Collins Bio:
Paul Collins' Beat is a Los Angeles-based power pop outfit formed by Paul Collins (ex-Nerves). The Beat (as known originally) recorded its self-titled debut LP after signing to Columbia Records in 1979. Despite good reviews and some regional success, the album failed to make much impact. A second attempt, 1982's The Kids Are the Same (this time credited to Paul Collins' Beat), also failed and effectively broke up the band. However, Collins returned the following year with a harder-rocking lineup including Patti Smith Group drummer Jay Dee Daugherty. Their EP, To Beat or Not to Beat, was again ignored; it proved to be the band's last recording. While it seemed that the Beat's only claim to fame would be forcing the (English) Beat to change its name in the U.S., their albums are now seen as classic examples of power pop.

Gentleman Jesse also plays the bass for the Carbonas, Atlanta-based garage punk darlings, and put out several 7"s on the great Douuchemaster label but it was the last year's Gentleman Jesse and His Men LP that finally earned him the critical acclaim as the best modern power pop act.


Reckless Glue said...

great poster- I'd love to be at this show...(though mostly for gentleman jesse!)

Mathieu Trudel said...

Its going to be a great show,
but I don't think I'll be able
to stay up that late.

Anonymous said...

i love the green cop. at least he looks like a cop.