Wednesday, April 8, 2009

RED MASS : Life Is A Cabaret (Animation Screenshots)

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Red Mass :

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Anonymous said...

this looks cool when is the animation gonna be done?

Mathieu Trudel said...

You can see more on my flickr page:

I bought 1 month ago a Toon Boom Animate license (Toon Boom Animate is the new software for Animators like Flash, but with no programing and IK tool work....not like the IK for Characters in Flash CS4, that when you swap symbols on one new keyframe then all the other keyframes get replace by the drawing that you've just swap):

I'll create a blog for my work in progress for the Red Mass - Life Is A Cabaret animations, also with some ToonBoom Tutorials by me, like what Justin Cartoonsmart is making:

And the Red Mass video will be ready in 3 weeks (the animation).